Sólový zpěv – Joel Frederiksen

I will work on elements of proper style and interpretation of Renaissance and Baroque song. In particular we will look at the ornaments and musical gestures that separate and unite the music of Italy, France and England during this time. Of course later Baroque music by Handel, Bach, Lully, etc. is always welcome!

The class has the format of a masterclass with students taking turns presenting pieces that they have prepared. My goal is to help each student progress technically, but also to aid in their understanding of early music and performance practice.

If a student wants to participate in the concerto competition I request to be notified before the course and sent the music via email.

Joel Frederiksen

Suggested composers of Early Baroque and Renaissance Song:

German Baroque /Německé baroko

  • Heinrich Schütz
  • Christoph Bernhard
  • Dietrich Buxtehude

English /Anglie

  • John Dowland
  • Thomas Campion
  • Robert Johnson
  • Henry or William Lawes
  • Henry Purcell
  • John Blow

French /Francie:

  • Guillaume Bataille
  • Pierre Guedron
  • Michel Lambert
  • Sébastien Le Camus

Italy /Itálie:

  • Bartolomeo Tromboncino
  • Marco Cara
  • Giulio Caccini
  • Claudio Monteverdi
  • Stefano Landi