Sólový zpěv – Anne-Sophie Honoré

This year, the master-work we will be performing for the final concert is the oratorio The Triumph of Time and Truth, HWV 71, by Georg Freidrich Handel.

We will be working on the particular qualities surrounding this composer, who wrote numerous magnificent vocal works, cantatas, operas and oratorios. The rich repertoire of Handel’s era will enable us to work in depth on style, harmony and ornamentation, and on vocality, whether technical (corporeal and breathing work), or musical and theatrical (phrasing, texts and diction).

We can also study the vocal works of other Baroque composers. As I am French, take this opportunity to work with me on music that you have chosen from the French repertoire. All your propositions are welcome, whether for solo, duo or small ensembles. Working in small groups and sharing ideas is always enriching.