Ján Prievozník

has worked in the orchestras of the State Opera in Banská Bystrica, the Slovak National Theatre Orchestra, and since 2009 he has been the double bass representative of the Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra in Bratislava.

Already during his studies he was engaged in the interpretation of early music. He collaborated with the ensemble Musica Aeterna under the direction of Petr Zajíček, which started his activities in the field of early music and authentic interpretation, which he is still doing today. Since 2006 he has been a member of and regularly collaborates with orchestras and ensembles: Musica Aeterna (Peter Zajíček), Collegium Wartberg (Ján Krigovský), Wiener Akademie (Martin Haselböck), Hoffkapelle Esterházy (Marton Rácz), Ars Anatiqua Austria (Gunar Letzbor), Solamente naturali (Miloš Valent), Czech Ensemble Baroque (Roman Válek), Musica Florea (Marek Štryncl), Collegium Marianum (Jana Semerádová), Ensemble Inegal (Adam Viktora), Wroclaw Baroque Orchestra (Jaroslav Thiel), {OH! } Orkiestra Historyczna (Martyna Pastuška) Il pomo d’ oro /CH, (Maxim Emelyanychev) and others. With ensembles specializing in early music interpretation, as well as other ensembles and orchestras, he has performed at festivals such as BHS, Melos-Ethos, Early Music Days, Prague Spring, Strings of Autumn, Bachfest Leipzig, Wratislavia Cantans, Utrecht Early Music Festival, etc. He has performed on stages in Japan, Mexico, Guatemala, Ecuador, Chile, Finland and all over Europe (including Wiener Musikverein, Koncerthaus Wien, Opéra national de Paris, etc.). He has collaborated with a number of conductors (Andrew Parrot, Jaap ter Linden, Giovanni Antoninni, Leoš Svárovský, Oliver Dohnányi, Martin Haselböck, etc.) and soloists (Monica Hugget, John Holloway, Enrico Onofri, Julien Chauvin, Andreas Steier, etc.). He has also performed in theatre productions of the Drama Theatre of the Slovak National Theatre (SND) and the New Stage Theatre (Nova Scena Theatre).

Since 2000 he has been a lecturer at the Summer School of Baroque Music in Holešov. As a teacher of double bass he works at the Private Conservatory in Nitra, the Church Conservatory in Bratislava and at the Jan Albrecht Academy of Music and Art in Banská Štiavnica. At the same time he is extending his education at the doctoral studies under the guidance of Prof. Jozef Podhoranský.

As a soloist he has performed with the Žilina State Orchestra and the early music ensemble Musica Aeterna. In concert he performed works for solo double bass in the so-called Viennese tuning by Anton Hoffmeister, Karl Kohaut, Johann Matthias Sperger, Franz Keyper and others.

Together with his teacher and friend Ján Krigovský, he founded the Slovak Double Bass Club, which regularly organizes a number of international musical events in Slovakia (e.g. double bass courses and concerts BASS FEST+, the music festival “Musica Perennis Iuventutis”, the international double bass competition C. D. von Dittersdorf and many others). In the framework of these events, leading personalities of the double bass “world” such as Gary Karr and many others have presented themselves in Slovakia.

Ján Prievozník is a co-founder and member of the BassBand double bass quartet.