Jan Krejča – theorba and baroque quitar

The class is designed for all levels of lute adepts playing any type of lute instrument. According to the current needs of individual students, we will focus on the technique of playing as well as in the correct style of performing the compositions in the individual lessons. Due to the nature of Holešov courses, in addition to solo compositions, we have an exceptional opportunity to devote more time to accompaniment – so-called basso continuo, which we will study in solo lessons, but in the second half of the courses students will have a great opportunity to try everything under my supervision at the joint rehearsal of the main concert project. I will try to make it possible for everyone, even beginners, to make a meaningful contribution, as the opportunity to play live with others is absolutely essential and irreplaceable for practicing accompaniment. It would be good for all those interested to practice well reading in bass clef on their instruments and have at least a basic awareness of music theory – scales, intervals and chords and their turns (enough up to three key-signature symbols), but even that is not a mandatory condition. So do not be afraid!