Ján Gréner

During more than forty years of performing with Musica Aeterna, in addition to over a thousand concerts and recordings for radio, television and on LP or CD (46), he has given masterclasses (CMBV, London Barock) at home and abroad and as a soloist, as a chamber or orchestral player, he has collaborated with many of the leading exponents of the “early music” movement – Standage, Holloway, Mackintosh, Tan, Goodwin, Hoeprich, Brautigam, Gini, Antonini, McCreesh, Haselböck, etc. Highest awards – three times Diapason d’or, Classical Awards, designation of MAe as the best ensemble of its kind in Eastern Europe.

  • 2003 – 2008 lecturer at AU BB and Kozervatory in B. Bystrica (chamber music,

performance seminar, analysis of compositions, pre-baroque and baroque theory and practice)

  • since 2010 – pedagogue at the Church Conservatory in Bratislava (head of specialisation studies – early music, viola, violin, chamber music, baroque violin, history of music, performance seminar)
  • in 2010 – member of the Slovak Symphony Orchestra
  • since 2011 – vice-rector and lecturer at the Jan Albrecht Academy of Music and Art in Banská Štiavnica

External member of various ensembles playing authentic instruments at home and abroad – Solamente Naturali, Wroclaw Barok Orchestra, Czech Ensemble Baroque, Capela Regia Praga, Orchester Wiener Akademie, Wienerklassik Orchester, Concilium Musicum Wien, Ensemble Inegal Praha, J. J. Fux Orchester Wien…

In 2014 he defended his dissertation on “The development of the five-voice scale in instrumental music of the 17th-18th centuries with regard to the use of the viola” at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, whereby he received the degree of ArtD.

In 2016, he was appointed associate professor by the rector of the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts

in the field of Musical Arts, with effect from 1 November 2016, on the basis of the defence of his habilitation thesis entitled ‘A set of the most significant artistic performances and interpretative transformations within the chamber ensemble for early music, Musica Aeterna, over forty years of its activity’ and his habilitation lecture on ‘The significance and contribution of the activity of the specialised chamber ensemble for early music, Musica Aeterna, in the musical life of Czechoslovakia and Slovakia from 1973 to the present day’.

In 2022, he received an Honorary Recognition from the Mayor of Bratislava for his pedagogical work with young people, which worthily represents the capital of the Slovak Republic.

In 2023, the Archbishop of Bratislava awarded him an Honorary Award for his active and meritorious work in church music education.

This year – 2023, also marked several anniversaries: 10 years since the foundation of the Department of Specialization in Early Music at the BA Church Conservatory, 30 years since the foundation of the Church Conservatory in Bratislava, 50 years since the founding of the chamber ensemble for early music, Musica aeterna, and 70 years since my birth.