For registered participants


If you have submitted an application and paid the course fee, you have become a binding registered course student. Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions of students who are going to our workshop for the first time:

  • Is the attendance at the concerts mandatory? Can I take part in only some concerts?

The final concerts are the purpose of our courses. Every singer and player counts and everyone has an irreplaceable role. When there is a shortage of musicians in a section, we call in reinforcements in a timely manner. If you are unable to attend all three final concerts, please reconsider your participation in the LŠBH, or consult this BEFOREHAND!! In extreme cases, the concerts could be cancelled, as they are regularly sold out in advance. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Is it necessary to know my part already on arrival at the course?

Yes – knowledge of the part is absolutely necessary, not only for students in the solo classes (singers audition for the final concert soon after arrival), but also for participants in the choir class.

  • Do I have to bring my sheet music or can I get it on the spot?

Yes – it is necessary that all students arrive with their own printed sheet music, which can be found at in the section FOR REGISTERED ⇒ SHEET MUSIC. Other sheet music is not recommended due to differences between editions and subsequent complications in communication during rehearsals.

  • What shall I prepare for the solo lectures?

Each lecturer has formulated the requirements and options for the students in his/her class in a text which can be found at  in the relevant section LECTURERS & CLASSES. So study these texts well – some instructors also recommend sheet music and sources for study.

  • How many concerts do I attend at LŠBH and what clothes shall I wear for the performances?

The number of concerts each student attends during the courses depends on the specific class:

Choir class traditionally performs at the final concerts – this year there are three. In the case of exceptional ability of the singers, it is also possible (depending on the rehearsal process of the main programme) to include a smaller performance of the large choir at the student concerts. We sing in black clothes. As the concerts are also performed in churches, please choose an appropriate type of clothing. Don’t forget the black concert music folders!

Solo classes – instrumentalists regularly perform at student concerts with individual programmes or as part of chamber groups. The instrumentalists then form an orchestra performing at the final concerts. (The lecturer and conductor decide on the performance of a particular part of the concert). At the final concerts we play in black clothes. Your own music stand is not required, but if you are able, please bring it with you.

Solo classes – singers regularly perform at student concerts with individual programmes. The performance at the final concert is determined by an initial audition where students sing arias and ensembles in their voice area. The choice of concert clothes is entirely up to the student. The choir and orchestra perform in black clothes. Don’t forget your black concert music folders.

  • When am I supposed to arrive at LŠBH?

The registration of participants takes place on Friday from 11 to 14 o´clock at Holešov chateau (map here). Arrows will guide you there and you will see the LŠBH logo on the doors of the buildings where the lessons will take place. Please arrive early as the first rehearsals and lessons start at 3 p.m.!

  • What facilities are available in Holešov?

Holešov is a small town with a rich cultural history, but you will find here all the necessary services – shops, supermarkets, restaurants, cinema, health centre, pharmacies, banks (ČS, ČSOB, KB), ATMs, swimming pool, mini golf, petrol stations and funeral service :-); in short – everything to your full satisfaction.

  • How and when shall I travel to/from Holešov?

Holešov is accessible by both bus and train – a map of how to get from the train station to the castle can be found here. Timetables and connections here. The final concert of the course will take place in Olomouc. From there, each participant will travel back home on their own.

For any further questions, please contact us at We will include FAQs in this database again.