Price list

Course fee

Solo classesCZK 2,200
MasterclassCZK 600 /lesson
Ensemble classCZK 2,000
Choir classCZK 1,500
Passive participantCZK 1,000
Children classCZK 1,200
Secondary field of studyCZK 1,500

Active participation in courses is intended for musicians with sufficient experience – with respect to the choice of class. We guarantee solo lessons with a qualified lecturer, the possibility of sitting in on arbitrarily selected classes. For instrumentalists, orchestra playing is also included. Individual lessons – always one solo lesson a day – take place until Wednesday inclusive. From Thursday, joint and ensemble rehearsals for the final concerts and own concerts will follow – all together with the lecturers and under their guidance – an irreplaceable experience in practice!

Solo singing and instrumental classes

Designed for musicians interested in the historically informed performance of early music. We guarantee 1 solo lesson per day until Wednesday. From Thursday students in most classes are actively engaged with their instructors in the process of studying and performing a large cantata or oratorio work. Students also have the opportunity to passively participate in any class where teaching is taking place. Participants may participate in all rehearsals, concerts, and performances at Summer School of Baroque Music. They may be nominated for the interpretation competition for a performance with the orchestra.


The Masterclass is intended only for exceptionally talented students who already have experience in the field; it is intended for music professionals. Unlike individual classes, it is possible to purchase a specific number of lessons from a Masterclass lecturer. One lesson costs CZK 600 and the maximum number of lessons for one participant is 5 lessons per the workshop.

Ensemble class

It is intended for solo singers who have excellent sight singing skills and are able to study the part quickly. The repertoire of the class will be tailored to the registered singers, i.e. on the spot and it is not possible to prepare the parts at home. The goal of the ensemble class is to prepare for a student concert on Wednesday evening. After this concert, students will be actively involved in the choir. Before that, however, they pass the required number of ensemble rehearsals (as agreed with the choirmaster). See the class description for details.

Choir class

Designed for solo and choir singers with experience. Daily rehearsals will include practice of the pieces that are the focus of the year, split rehearsals by voice groups, rehearsals with orchestra, and three final cantata concerts.

Passive participant

Passive participant has the opportunity to observe lessons in any classes; admission to all concerts and events of Summer School of Baroque Music is included.

Secondary field of study

If you are interested in studying at Summer School of Baroque Music in two different solo majors at the same time, you have this option if you are above average in at least one of your chosen majors. You will choose your minor on the application form and after the registrations are closed, we will let you know if you have been accepted into the minor, based on class availability. Payment for the minor will then be made either in cash upon arrival for classes or during July onto the account. Do not pay with the basic course fee! You may take the choir class free of charge by appointment with the instructors, but you must attend at least 75% of all rehearsals!


BreakfastCZK 60
LunchCZK 140
DinnerCZK 100
Total price for the whole courseCZK 3,000

Breakfast buffet: Participants can choose as they please:
Scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, various types of spreads – egg, cottage cheese, crackling, tuna, fresh bakery products – wheat bread, white bread, wholemeal or gluten-free, meat products – ham, salami, sausages, fried bacon, fresh vegetables and fruit, yoghurt, cream cheese and butter, homemade pudding, termix (Czech dessert made of cottage cheese), pastry – croissants, strudels, vánočka (braided sweat Christmas bread) and something lighter – oatmeal, cornflakes, fruit muesli , seeds…
Drinks: bottomless container with hot tea and breakfast coffee.

Buffet lunch: Always three kinds of meat – e.g. chicken, turkey, beef, fish – e.g. salmon, codfish, tilapia, Always three kinds of side dishes – e.g. rice, potatoes, pasta, couscous, bulgur, buckwheat, Always a salad bar with a mixture of fresh vegetables – 8 kinds of vegetables and dressing, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, etc. …Always three kinds of meatless dishes –  e.g. lentils, beluga lentils with eggs, fried cauliflower, buttered steamed vegetables, fried cheese nuggets, cauliflower curry, green beans, roast beetroot, spinach risotto, parmesan risotto, peas risotto,  Always one traditional home-style dish e.g. tomato sauce with stuffed peppers, wedding-style sirloin beef with cream sauce, soups, roast pork with cabbage and dumplings

Buffet dinner: similar to lunches, just instead of “traditional home-style dishes” there will be a selection of lighter dishes such as pasta salad, Balkan salad, coleslaw, etc.

If required we can prepare a gluten-free and vegan variant.


Accommodation in a nice, newly furnished and equipped dormitory, located about 5-minute walk from the castle. You can choose the level of accommodation in three categories:

Type of accommodation1 night9 nights
A Category – full capacityCZK 180CZK 1,620
B Category – full capacityCZK 150CZK 1,350
C CategoryCZK 100CZK 800

A Category – Double room with en suite bathroom and a little corridor.

B Category – Three-bedded room with en suite bathroom and a built-in wardrobe.

C Category – Group accommodation in the administration building of the chateau – designed for undemanding sleeping bag owners. 2 rooms with several beds, shower, toilet available. In 2021, due to high demand, we are expanding the accommodation type C – also available in the Sokol house, close to the castle, with bathrooms and mats (so you just need your own sleeping bag).

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