Baroque trumpet

The main theme of the class will be the repertoire of German, English and Czech high baroque:

– Baroque cantatas of Johann Sebastian Bach

– tha final concerts program: G. Ph. Händel: The Triumph of Time and Truth

– solo cantatas of Pavel Josef Vejvanovský and Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber

If the participants are interest, the lecturer is ready to work on other topics and repertoire areas, such as:

– baroque trumpet technique

– Girolamo Fantini: Modo per imparare a sonare di tromba (1638)

– Cesare Bendinelli: Tutta l´arte della Trombetta (1614)

– chamber ensembles with baroque trumpet in cooperation with the class of percussion instruments

…or others according to the proposals of the participants. Please indicate your preferences in the application form, including the compositions you expect to study during the Summer School.

Please note that a-415 Hz tuning will be used for chamber music.

It is also possible to use other tunings (a – 430Hz , or a – 440Hz).

Please bring complete sheet music – including the score and if possible all voices.